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Competition 2017

Christian Music Competiton 2017

Sing to the Lord a new song!

(Psa 96:1)

We are very excited to present to you our sixth annual Christian Music Competition. Every year our groups gets bigger and more versatile, today we have over seventy artists from all over the world who love to use their talent to produce Christian music that teaches our Church’s Orthodox Theology using contemporary music.

During the last year we have been working with some church groups to produce their music and bring it to light to a worldwide audiences. One of these groups is St Mark’s Melodies who are a very active group of young talents from St Mark’s church in Sydney, Australia. This coming year we are looking to produce more music from other church groups. Another great news this year is our collaboration with Christian Youth Channel (CYC) to produce video clips of some your songs for all their viewers to see. With their permission we have uploaded these music videos to Asaph Tunes’s YouTube Channel.

As we do every year we will restrict our competition to lyrics inspired from Orthodox patristic text or poems. Participants can but are not required to use traditional church music but rather encouraged to use contemporary music. Please note that a lot of emphasis will be placed on the teaching component of the lyrics.

The judging process will take place in two stages. The first stage will be the judged by the monks of the monastery accourding to the criteria given below. Once that took place the successful participants will move to the second stage where the songs will be posted on the Asaph Tunes website for the public to vote on. The person/team with the most votes wins!

We had few requests from different artists regarding our rule about not posting your songs on your website or social media and we have decided to change this rule with conditions. Artists will be allowed to post their song on their website or social media provided they follow the conditions laid out in the rules.


The Theme of this year’s Competition is “THE SAVIOUR IS BORN” The idea from this theme is to present the Christian Orthodox belief in the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ and what it means to us Christians. You can go about it from many different angles such as:

We cannot emphasis enough the importance of reading the reading material provided as any artist NEED some material to get their inspiration from otherwise they would rely on their general knowledge on the topic which might not always be correct or otherwise not rich enough to give an Orthodox teaching to the listener.

Rules of the competition:

  • You can enter the competition as a team or as an individual.
  • The lyrics of the song must come from or inspired by one of the ancient text. A copy of the text must be provided.
  • The lyrics must be within the theme given above and offer sufficient Orthodox teaching on the theme
  • Participants must comply with the due dates given below.
  • By submitting your song, the monastery will have full copyright to the music and lyrics of the songs and will have the right to use the music or lyrics or both as we wish. This is to encourage the Asaph Tunes to provide original material to listeners. In return Asaph Tunes does its best to present these submissions to the general public in different avenues such as different internet radio stations and produce video clips and other services to promote these songs.
  • Artists will be allowed to post their song on their website or social media provided:
  1. The final results of the competition has been announced
  2. The following sentence is added to each post the song is featured in. “This song was 1st/2nd /3rd place/ participated in the Asaph Tunes annual Christian Music Competition.”
  • The song must be original work and could not be used for any other competition.
  • All prizes will be awarded to the contact person on the application form, and division of prizes among the group is the responsibility of the contact person.

Important Dates:

1st July -  Last day for candidates to send us the entry application form.

1st September -  Last day for submitting the recording

TBA  -  Music Files will be available online for the public to vote .

Announcement of winners and giving of prizes will be announced at a later stage.

Asaph Tunes reserves the right to extend the entry deadlines.


  • Three audio files must be submitted before the due date of the competition.
    • An uncompressed file:

Format: WAV, WAVE, or AIFF.

Bit Depth/Rate: 16 bit.

Sample Rate: 44100 Hz (44.1 kHz)

    • Compressed file:

Format: MP3

Bitrate: 128 kbps (44100 Hz)

  • The sound track:

Format: WAV, WAVE, or AIFF.

Bit Depth/Rate: 16 bit.

Sample Rate: 44100 Hz (44.1 kHz)

  • A typed copy of the lyrics must be provided.
  • Two photos of the participants in action (While Recording) must be provided. These photos will be used on the Asaph Tunes Website and other Asaph Tunes social media.
  • A copy of the ancient text used or was the inspiration for the lyrics.
  • Email your signed application form before the due date to our email address:
  • Applicants are responsible for sending their audio files via email or Dropbox. More details will be provided upon request.
Christian Music Competiton 2017

1 comment

  1. There are only 4 spaces for participant names on the application… Does this mean that 4 is the maximum size of the group? I was hoping to join with my group, but we are 6 people!

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