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Christian Music Competiton 2017
We cannot emphasis enough how important it is to put much effort in the writing process of the lyrics. The lyrics should be educational to pass on a valuable message to the listeners. What we do not want is a Christmas jingle with lyrics like, Jesus in the manger, star in the east, and so on. It needs some more orthodox teaching in the song. The theme is more about the incarnation rather than a competition in “Christmas Songs”


  • You can sets lyrics with story line, telling the story of salvation and the many prophecies and so on to tell this story.


  • You can take it from the perspective of one of the bible Characters “Mary did you know” style.


  • Sing to each of the characters of the Christmas story and their role in the incarnation.


But more importantly than this is that you need to start by reading the texts below. If you do not like reading there is many audio files in the link that you can listen to but please do not rely on your knowledge on the topic to put write the lyrics.


So maybe start by reading or listening to on the incarnation by St Athanasius:





You can also read or listen to some of the se articles and sermons;





Lyrics Writing


To help you improve your lyrics writing skills we have attached a playlist of videos to watch from the Berklee Online Music Academy, and some other youtubers


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