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Kero Rizkalla


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, my name is Kero Rizkalla. I am a Coptic Christian from Melbourne, Australia, and a self-taught musician and songwriter.

My main inspiration has always been the Word of God, which married with music can no doubt be life changing for many. Every song of mine is dear to me, and has a story behind it. Although some stories are more recent than others, all are locked away in memory till the day when perhaps they can be shared with those closest to me.

I do not feel tied to a specific genre of music, I simply sing what is on my heart, and I thank God for allowing me to use this gift for His glory.

  1. 5

    One Body (feat. Kerelos Rizkalla)

  1. 1


  2. 2

    Day By Day

  3. 3

    From On High

  4. 4

    I Will Never

  5. 5

    Joy in My Step

  6. 6

    Never Lose Sight

  7. 7

    Thank You

  8. 8

    Thank You (A Cappella)

  9. 9

    Where Else, O' Lord

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