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Our Faith


“The primary lesson for life must be implanted in the soul from the earliest age. The primary lesson for children is to know the eternal God, the One who gives everlasting life.” — St. Clement of Alexandria

  1. 1

    01 The Seven Sacraments -St Anthony St Paul Church

  2. 2

    Orbana - St Anthony St Paul Church

  3. 3

    03 Introduction to the Creed- St Anthony St Paul Church

  4. 4

    04 The Creed-St Anthony St Paul Church

  5. 5

    05 The Savioour is Born-St Anthony St Paul Church

  6. 6

    06 Mother of Light-St Anthony St Paul Church

  7. 7

    07 Jonah-St Anthony St Paul Church

  8. 8

    08 Look at the Birds-St Anthony St Paul Church

  9. 9

    09 Hail to you-St Anthony St Paul Church

  10. 10

    10 Watch Yourself-St Anthony St Paul Church

  11. 11

    11 We are the Light- St Anthony St Paul Church

  12. 12

    12 Blessed Lent-St Anthony St Paul Church

  13. 13

    13 The Magnificat- St Anthony St Paul Church

  14. 14

    14 Love never Fails-St Anthony St Paul Church



In the early centuries of Christianity when most of the world could not read, the church found a way to teach complex beliefs about the faith through music. Many of the early church fathers wrote songs that teach the faith to uneducated people. 

Today, most parents find it difficult to teach their kids the faith. Also in Sunday school teachers struggle to find songs that would teach the orthodox faith to their children in a fun and memorable way.

This album is a collection of songs that will help Christian parents and Sunday school teachers teach the Orthodox faith through these amazing collection of songs. These songs teach children the introduction to the creed and the creed. The church sacraments, the symbolism behind the Orbana (Holy Bread), as well as different seasons of the church.

Asaph Tunes works with different church choirs around the world to publish their amazing work on our platform. All our albums are available as a physical album as well as digitally on Asaph Tunes website. We also stream all our albums on all kinds of digital radio such as, spotify, itunes, google music, iHeart, etc. 

We are very proud to work with St Anthony and St Paul church in Sydney, Australia to produce this album.

Download the album now and start teaching your kids the orthodox faith through songs.

“An important part of a child’s education is story-telling, since good stories excite the imagination and strengthen the bond between parent and child. Stories from the Bible are preferred, and the child should repeat them often, to underscore full comprehension.” — St. John Chrysostom

Choir Conductor: Mariam Shawky

Educational vision by: Cecile Nicola, Tahani Sidrak & Mariam Shawky

Recording, mixing & Mastering by DiGiMiX Recording Studio

Music Arrangement by: George Ramsey

Author : St Anthony St Paul Church

Publisher Name : Asaph Tunes

Publisher URL :

Release date: 2021

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