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O Lord, grant us to celebrate this blessed day
So that all mankind may see your heavenly glory
On the feast day of the Nayrouz we ask and pray
For you to bless this year and enflame our hearts with love

O Lord, may you dwell in my humble heart
Protect and carry me on your powerful wings
Guide me to your will as a new year begins
And turn my adversaries into exceeding brightness

On this special day celebrating the holy martyrs
We celebrate their sacrifice for the gift of eternal life
They were heroic in their ways, and endured many tortures
Their brave and faithful souls are now united with Christ

We remember the Martyrs who were our Lord’s adorers
They professed their faith of Christ in pride
And shed their blood to say the truth
With hearts of purity and seeds of courage

O Holy Spirit renew me and give me strength
To fulfil your word and spread the Gospel to many nations
Wondrous is He who paid the ultimate price
For our hearts want you, and you alone

Lord, enlighten me with you loving soul
And give me strength like the brave martyrs
May I be a source of joy to all nations
And take a step further in my spiritual life

As a new Coptic year begins, Oh Christ
Forgive my many sins of the past
And grant me a new, fresh beginning
Glory to you oh source of joy and victory

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