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Why We Do What We Do?


Competition, Music

Our main mission is to channel the musical talents of some young people to produce quality music.
We do this in many ways… 

1- Traditionally anyone with musical talent may not feel he/she has a part in the church where they can use their talents. Asaph Tunes insists that music is an integral part of our everyday life and we should be using all of our talents including music to glorify God’s name.
2- Those who do use their talent are usually used to making an album for their parish that does not go beyond the congregation of the parish and if it does, the album will not exist in two years time. Asaph Tunes present its music on most mainstream music platforms, physical CDs and online streaming, to make sure it is available to as much of an audience as possible for as long as the platform is streaming music.
3- Others have succeeded in producing music on their own which means they have to write the words and compose the music and find a way of recording the music professionally to find another major hurdle, advertising and distribution. Often this is limited to a small circle of friends who share the persons taste. With Asaph Tunes your music is funded and advertised for and makes your music available not only for your small group of friends but from all the friends of all the other Asaph Tunes artists who produce their music with us.
4- Many people would be great at writing songs yet they cannot sing or play instruments and if they do it takes away from the song because they are not as proficient as the other talents. With Asaph Tunes we provide the platform where artists can work together to bring the best out of their talent. A perfect example of this is the Weeks of Lent song, the music was composed here in Australia by Peter Rose who is our music producer, and Stephen Meawad was kind enough to record the vocals with his great voice from all the way in the US, and the song was a great success during the Lent season.
5- Fill a gap in our church that is lacking, which is a good collection of contemporary Christian music with orthodox teaching to be used in Sunday schools, youth meetings or even for personal use. It is a major problem in many of our churches that use protestant songs yet we as a church do not offer alternatives. With Asaph Tunes we provide ready to use powerpoint slides for some of the songs that can be sung in groups for people to use.  

We would love to hear from you about your experience in making Christian Music. 

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