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Check out all the written poetries here on Asaph Tunes. Here you can find out various Christian Poetry on numerous topics and categories.

Be The Church
“Now is the time, more than ever, to serve. To[...] Read more.
Spirit of God, My companion
Spirit Of God, My wonderful Companion!
Spirit of God, be my sole Companion! Guide my steps,[...] Read more.
Hover over me by fr tadros malaty
Hover Over Me, O Spirit of God
At the beginning, You hovered over the face of the[...] Read more.
Forgive Us
Forgive Us O’ Lord hear us, help us The groaning[...] Read more.
Fruitfulness What do we use to measure the worthiness of[...] Read more.
Silence Heavenly, medicinal, a path to righteousness; As the din[...] Read more.
Stand Firm
Stand Firm The road is long and the shadows darkened[...] Read more.
It Is Time
It Is Time Now do not falter, I have called[...] Read more.
Falling Down
Falling Down Why do we fall, again and again? Why[...] Read more.
Clothed In Majesty
Clothed In Majesty The ray of light that leaves the[...] Read more.
Claiming Promises
Claiming promises The sun shines brightly upon me Drying the[...] Read more.
Change What can I offer to the Lord, for I[...] Read more.
Before Thee O’ Lord
Before Thee O’ Lord I pray now before Thee O’[...] Read more.
At Peace
At Peace How can peace fill this heart, when the[...] Read more.
Arise! Arise O’ My children. Awake from your sleep. Do[...] Read more.
The Joy of the Lord
The Joy of the Lord Do not leave me. Do[...] Read more.
Where is Your Treasure
WHERE IS YOUR TREASURE? Gold and silver I have But[...] Read more.
Tongue of Fire
Tongue of Fire Salt of the Earth… Light of the[...] Read more.
Come to my Feet
Come to my Feet She did not cease. They mocked[...] Read more.
Thy Will Be Done
My world was once tailored to fit in between my[...] Read more.
Jesus is the resurrection and the life
Jesus is the resurrection and the life BY– Marina Zakary[...] Read more.
Anzac day
DEAR BELOVED Dear Beloved soldiers, mothers, fathers, daughters , sons[...] Read more.
Rejoice In His Love
REJOICE IN HIS LOVE Rejoice! Again we say Rejoice! Rejoice[...] Read more.
Our Lord Jesus was once dead But with Him we[...] Read more.
The Man Born Blind
The Man Born Blind There once was a man like[...] Read more.
The Paralytic Man
The man by the pool Fifth Sunday of Lent I[...] Read more.
The Samaritan Woman
Fourth Sunday of Lent The Samaritan Woman I am the[...] Read more.
Week 2 – Temptation. Our lord Jesus Christ prayed and[...] Read more.
Week 1 of the Great Lent
Week 1 – The Great Lent The first Sunday of[...] Read more.
Jonah by Marina Zakary
JONAH – by Marina Zakary The Lord told Jonah to[...] Read more.
Jonah poem
There once lived a man named Jonah the prophet. A[...] Read more.
Christ took human flesh
Christ took the human flesh To dwell with his creation[...] Read more.
Born For US
Born For Us Christ was born for our sake And[...] Read more.
How Humble
How Humble How humble You are that You washed my[...] Read more.
We are all human
Where do we catch our breath? Where can we draw[...] Read more.
Out of Your hands blessings pour forth, Yet the plan[...] Read more.
Shout to the Lord; give praise to His Name. Shout[...] Read more.
I see Your hand
It is My hand I put before Me to protect[...] Read more.
What do you doubt? My existence, My strength? What do[...] Read more.
Stand tall, proud and look on those around you. See[...] Read more.
An Angel of the church
Another day like no other. Another loss of a Coptic[...] Read more.
Every day’s been inching to. These final exams that I[...] Read more.
Until We Meet
Until We Meet Take my heart Lord Teach me to[...] Read more.
Your Spirit dwells within me And guides me to where[...] Read more.
O Lord, grant us to celebrate this blessed day So[...] Read more.
Come Holy Spirit
Come Holy Spirit Come Holy Spirit. Three words so easy[...] Read more.
Permit us to receive the Spirit
Permit us to receive the Spirit I pray to experience[...] Read more.
Pentecost Poem- Pour Your Spirit
Pentecostal Poem 1: Pour Your Spirit inside all of us.[...] Read more.
Dear Jesus Christ
“Dear Jesus Christ” By- Cassandra Mekhaeel Dear Jesus Christ, my[...] Read more.
Put to Death
“Put to Death” By Maria Iskander In the journey of[...] Read more.
Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life
“Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life” by– Marina Zakary[...] Read more.
Poem- As You Healed
Poem by Katherine Abdel-Malek AS YOU HEALED As You healed[...] Read more.
Paralyzed Man Monologue
WEEK 6 :The Paralyzed Man (Mark 1-12) Thank you Maria[...] Read more.
Samaritan woman- Creative piece
WEEK 5: The Samaritan Woman ( John 4: 1-42). This[...] Read more.
Prodigal Son Monologue
This weeks Lenten poem by Maria Iskander comes to us[...] Read more.
Temptations of Christ
WEEK 3: Temptation Sunday (Matthew 4: 1-11) Thank you to[...] Read more.
Poem- Seek first the Kingdom of God
A beautiful poem by Maria Iskander that captures the essence[...] Read more.
Happy Birthday - Asaph Tunes Poetry
This day we celebrate the day of your birth And[...] Read more.

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