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Falling Down

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Falling Down

Why do we fall, again and again?

Why do our knees and lips touch the earth?

Why do we stand for so short a time

Before we lie on the dust, from which we came?

Sadness and grief fill my heart

As I fall short in love once again.

My desires and temptation rule over me

My will only an afterthought, an option unfulfilled.

O’ please forgive this grieving soul.

Please forgive this lack of love.

O’ Lord in my weakness, strengthen me,

By Your grace, grant me mercy; to love You more.

Please Lord strengthen my faith and will

Let Your love fill my heart constantly.

May I love You as You loved the world

Through Your infinite grace; Please O’ Lord.

Please hear my cry, O’ Lord please hear.

The dust is bitter and dry to my tongue.

It leaves an after taste in my soul and heart,

Which the oceans of the world cannot wash away.

My mouth is now parched, encrusted over.

Only Your living water can cure this thirst.

I come to You; bowing low.

Waiting on Your divine love and mercy.


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