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Hover over me by fr tadros malaty

Hover Over Me, O Spirit of God

No Comments Poetry

At the beginning, You hovered over the face of the waters!

And created a beautiful world for me,

You sufficed me with all things created,

and You made me in need of nothing!

Now You hover over the waters of Baptism,

to create out of my corruptible life, a new spiritual world!

God’s joyous Kingdom!

A lively icon of heaven itself!


You are the perpetual accomplisher,

the essence of love!

If I have ruined what You gave me,

still, You can sanctify me once more.

Work within me, O Spirit of God.

As Noah’s dove which declared reconciliation and peace through an olive leaf.

Rest in my heart, deep down,

For You can wholesomely sanctify me!

Be manifested in my eyes so that they become dove’s eyes.

Work in them, that they may be full of sanctified love or loving sanctity!


Spirit of God, You descended on the Incarnate Word,

in the shape of a Dove!

You who are One with Him, Inseparable!

I beg You to abide in me,

granting me unity with my Redeeming Savior!

Spirit of God, create from me a holy and blessed sanctuary,

fit to be Your sacred abode.

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