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Stand tall, proud and look on those around you.

See those ants wandering around? They are your prey.

Why do you hunt and scare those about you?

Why do you make them know that you watch over them?


Pride fills your heart and you separate yourself from Me.

You create a barrier distancing our closeness that once was.

You search to fill yourself up with the praise of the world

And aim to feed the ego and self instead of being with Me.


Which do you love more, Me or the world?

Do you wish to supply your own needs before Mine?

Where do your priorities lie; with Me or with vanity?

Come back to Me; no time is too late.


Remember the sacrifice I gave for you and all mankind.

Remember My actions and how I treated all.

Is a servant better than his master; should you be preferred above Me?

Then why do you place expectations on the world that are so high?


Why do you seek recognition, for all you do, think and say?

Your heart has lost direction and lost its way.

For your actions may be the same as they have always been.

But your intentions have journeyed along a different path.


Focus on Me and My teachings.

Look at what I have done in your life.

Do not go down the path of self-indulgence

For it is a hard path to pull up from.


Stay at the cross and in My presence. Bring your pride to Me.

I shall hug you in love, yet remind you of your place.

For how can a Father not lovingly chastise His son

If He wants the best for His beloved all the days of their life?

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