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The Man Born Blind

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The Man Born Blind

There once was a man like you and me

But when he was born he could not see

Many people blamed his unseeing on his parents, himself, and sin

But for the glory of God this blindness had been

His clothes were worn out and his condition wasn’t the best

He laid on the dirt when it was time to rest

He sat in the corner out of everyone’s way

“He is nothing”, all the Pharisees would say

He only wished to have precious eyes

To observe God’s creation and see the beautiful skies

But one day he heard of the coming of the Beloved son

Compared to other’s voices, Jesus’ voice was a special one

Starved and half naked the man sent out his request

“Oh Lord let me see like all the rest”

The Saviour turned to see the man

Showing love and compassion Christ stretched out His hand

Jesus took a little bit of mud and mixed it with His spit

And creating new eyes He pasted it

“Go wash it in the pool of Siloam and close your eyelids tight”

So the man washed it off and immediately he gained his sight

Those who saw him at the time that he was blind

Were stunned that the man could see, and eyes they could find

Several asked, “What happened to you, how can you see?”

The man replied, “It is Jesus who healed me.”

We are all blind like this man

But God heals our spiritual illness and allows us to see His plan

According to our faith we are made whole

Seeing Christ and reaching heaven should be our ultimate goal

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