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Paralyzed Man Monologue

No Comments Poetry

WEEK 6 :The Paralyzed Man (Mark 1-12)
Thank you Maria Iskander for sharing another great piece.

I remember going through each day with the frustration the same as ever before.
Feeling sick and tired of not being able to walk, or even look after myself anymore.
Some days I wished I never existed or that I was invisible.
The pain of not being able to move, was making me bitter and pitiful
This struggle was certainly more than I can take.
But I was grateful to God for the support of my family, and especially my mates.

Never did I think that there would come a time, that I would no longer cry.
But that day came, when my four mates carried me down through a particular house’s roof, which they uncovered, so I could go inside.
Inside the house was Jesus Christ, and He was known for doing miracles for the sick, far and wide.
So I was hoping and praying that the next miracle He would do, would be for mine.

I remember Him looking intently towards me, it was as if He could see me inside out.
I had great faith in Him that He could heal me, and make me feel, no longer empty inside too.
He told me that my sins were forgiven, and to rise, take up my bed and walk.
Immediately I found myself rising, strengthened and free to walk through.

Then the people around me, murmured that they had never seen anything like this before.
I gave all the Glory and praise to God,
For He miraculously healed me, from my paralysis, and touched my heart to the core.

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