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Our Lord Jesus was once dead

But with Him we now rise instead

To you is all majesty, power, and glory

Of true and eternal love and compassion this is a story

He died that I may live

He hungered to fill my hunger

He thirst to quench my thirst

He was beaten and tortured so that my every ache and wound would be healed

He grieved so that I may rejoice and be glad

He was rejected so that I may be accepted

He was outcasted so that I may be a part of His uniting body

He was humiliated and shamed so that I may be praised

He was enslaved so I can be set free

He was held captive to free me from the bondage of sin

He sank into the depths of sorrow to establish for me eternal joy

He was tempted to provide me with comfort in the face of adversity

He was sacrificed, as a sheep to be sheared, for me to gain eternal salvation

He was silent so that I may have a voice

His head bows to raise me up

He humbles himself so I can be lifted to heaven

He was stripped naked to cover all our faults

He carried the burden of humanity’s sin so the load of our baggage would lighten up

He was wounded for all my wounds to be healed

He was abused that I may be honoured

He was hated that I may be loved

Oh my Lord Jesus Christ

My Good Saviour

How great and everlasting is your love


The precious cross is always before me

So sin’s power can no longer be

Christ was tortured, wounded, and experienced excruciating pain

So that a place in heaven we can gain

Very early in the morning on Sunday

Christ’s glory burst in a golden ray

A strong shaking movement in the earth woke the guards from their sleep

Jesus was not there so Mary started to weep

The stone was rolled away from the tomb

Declaring life, no more death or gloom

His glorious resurrection is my joyful song

For the Lord is almighty and so strong

After three days Christ rose up and was glorious

The Lord trampled over sin and death; He was so victorious

Now Christ abides in my heart

Sin can no longer separate and take us apart

You carried my iniquity and paid my debt

So life with you Lord I can get

No more sorrow, no more pain

Because your kingdom and eternal life we gain

Dying on the cross was a sign of strength, not weakness

You, our Saviour and king, came to our lowly state with meekness

You were crucified to break the bondage of sin

You love and forgive me no matter how bad I have been

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