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Heavenly, medicinal, a path to righteousness;

As the din of the world is shuttered away.

The inner recesses of the mind are on vacation,

As stillness begins to rule over all.

Its voice can be heard with clarity not imagined.

A gateway to the heavens and for wisdom from above,

To take flight to the ears of ignorance,

And those of a disobedient mind.

It flows above all and through all,

Yet its power is not readily discerned,

For the journey it takes is a gentle one,

Not marking its passage with triumphant song.

Yet in stillness, in calm

And in clarity of thought,

God’s wisdom comes to the fore

And its power is truly shown.

‘Be still, at peace and know I am God.

Let My voice be heard in the noise of the world

Let My love shine forth as I offer the guidance you dearly seek,

Just make time and stillness, in My presence, paramount in your life.’

In the beauty of stillness, the resting of the mind;

The comfort of full submission of oneself in God’s hand,

Comes the peace of the soul and the loosing of the mind,

Allowing God’s love to saturate that which needs to be filled.

Offer your thoughts and intentions,

And the desires of your heart,

For they are a precious sacrifice of love,

Acceptable in His sight.


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