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Temptations of Christ

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WEEK 3: Temptation Sunday (Matthew 4: 1-11)
Thank you to one of our youth- Maria Iskander for sharing this beautiful poem with us.

My Lord Jesus Christ, we bless your greatness,
You are the Son of God and You incarnated into flesh, by Your own willingness,  
To save us,Your creation whom You have made in Your blessed hands, was Your plan.
What great humility this is , that You even let Satan himself, to tempt 

You in the wilderness and reprimand. You who are from above, could obviously never fall into Satan’s wicked schemes
Three in one – The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, can never be deceived.
We learn that we cannot rely on bodily needs alone to be satisfied and safe.
The Word of You my God and Your majesty, is more than enough to please our taste.

You my God, and are greater than ten thousand mighty cities, with soldiers standing high. You are my God, mightier than the Angels in Heaven who ceaselessly worship You without a sigh.
Satan and his evil armies, remain defeated by You for all generations to come.
For no one can tempt You God and get away with it- not even one.

May we learn to fast as you fast and to faithfully minister to one another, as angels in Heaven would. And let us only acceptably serve and worship You, the one true God, as we should.

-Maria Iskander

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