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The Holy spirit the Paraclete

The Holy Spirit, The Paraclete

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Ten days after the ascension of Our Lord

The disciples assembled together in one accord

After a rushing mighty wind, The Holy Spirit they received

Divided Tongues of Fire, each of them perceived

The disciples evangelized and preached God’s word

In every language they spoke, which before was unheard

He gave them authority to heal; great signs and wonders they made

They shed their blood for His holy name’s sake, without being afraid

He gave them a holy gift, with tongues they speak

He is our comforter and strength for the weak

You are the treasure of goodness and giver of life

Spirit of Truth, who rescues from all strife

He fills us with understanding and spiritual wisdom

Make us worthy to enter into the heavenly kingdom

Sanctify my heart, mind and soul

Cleanse my intentions and my senses help me control

The Paraclete descended on the feast of Pentecost

May He Guide my steps and lead my path when I’m lost

Spirit of God, fill and dwell within me

From all evil and carnal lusts help me flee

Oh life giver, we ask You to grant us heavenly peace

We praise, bless and glorify You; from prayer may we never cease

Purify us from all iniquity and sin

Help us to be victorious in our struggle and be pure within

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