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We are all human

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Where do we catch our breath?

Where can we draw the line?

Another terror has taken place.

Once again taking innocent lives.

It may not be Christians,

Still the death stings pure.

Muslims and Christians in Egypt.

Both Human the same with a different core.

Indeed we are different in religion.

Yet we as humans, bleed just the same.

We are loved by God our Creator.

Who for we the sinners, freely forgave.

His Son Jesus, tasted our humanity and shared our pain.

He experienced grave loss and how human loss can maim,

Yet, in His love for all of us, He gives us a solution.

Our lives need only to taste a temporary void or confusion.

As the solution is to will and take peace from God, not devilish fear.

God is not dead and

He’s not deaf to any of our cries or tears.

It pains Him more than one can credits God or imagine to be,

When HE sees His creation suffer from vile attacks of inhumanity.

We are all fallen and broken in some way or another.

Although it’s never easy, may we still keep by each other.

No difference in skin, or religion or belief can ever justify.

The spiteful killings of humans in this present day and time.

Everyone’s life is precious and well deserving to live.

Dear God, the Father of us all,

teach us how to be brave and forgive.

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