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Claiming Promises

No Comments Poetry

Claiming promises

The sun shines brightly upon me

Drying the tears that pour down my face

For the love that is shown me is undeserved

But freely given from the source of all grace

The remorse in not having come sooner

To the altar and house of the Lord, in prayer

Has now dissipated into the darkness

As I praise my Lord, for I am no longer there

The peace coming from the death of loneliness

From the tranquillity and love of the Son

To know my heavenly Father has plans for me

My comprehension has now only just begun

To Trust in His omnipotent nature

And Recognise His power and love

Releases the burdens from my laden shoulders

As I place my anxieties on Him, who is above

The worries of this world are not mine to bear

As my productivity would then become slow

My purpose is to lay all at my Lord’s feet in prayer

To be directed wherever He desires to show

The truth of the matter is; it is faith that I lack

And call not on the promises my God has made

To claim the power and heavenly gifts from above

So I can place the glory of God on worldly parade


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