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Clothed In Majesty

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Clothed In Majesty

The ray of light that leaves the sun

Is the source and of the source.

It loses not its powers or its properties

But manifests itself as being from the source.

My Light goes before all men,

Showing the Way, My energies and My power.

A witness and testimony to those who see

That I live and breathe; and that they are not alone.

My presence shall clothe all My saints,

All those who seek Me with a pure heart.

Those who lay themselves before Me

And lead their lives as I have asked.

My garments are those of virtue.

Those of the Spirit, not of the flesh.

They shall dress your inside and out

And be viewed by all the world.

For My clothing is light and pure

And radiates within a world of darkness,

Which sees and does not understand

And views a hope and glory not yet attained.

Shine forth in your majestic clothes

Walk as the sons of God as you are.

Walk with pride in your Creator and His gifts

That He has graciously given to you.


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