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Come to my Feet

No Comments Poetry

Come to my Feet

She did not cease.

They mocked and scorned

Yet she did not cease…

What did she see? Did she not sin?

Blinded by the beauty of the Lord

Shame and pride she could not afford

Crying she knelt at the feet of the Lord

Praising and weeping in one accord

So rush to My feet

Stray no longer

Cease your weeping

For I shall make you stronger

Your sins are forgiven

My love shall you keep

At the gates of heaven

Will we again meet

I love you My son

Come near My daughter

Forget your sin

Let your love burn hotter

Do not cease to be the aroma

Do not cease to ever come closer

Do not cease to speak to your Father

For I will never cease to love you

These men will one day cease to mock 2000 years later you will be preached to my flock

So Come to my feet My precious son

Be by my side My beautiful daughter

Your shame is hidden, your sins are forgiven!

By: DN

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