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Thy Will Be Done

No Comments Poetry

My world was once tailored to fit in between my hands

Being the scriptwriter, I envisioned many promised lands

Carried a heart so innocently naive, spirited and bold

Securely tucked in by the world’s embracing blindfold

Suddenly life embarked her aching sleepless nights

The soul challenged to many barbaric invincible fights

Trusted ones transposed to being heartlessly destructive

The same familiar arms that once vowed to be protective

Fierce waves destroyed my intricately built castle, leaving nothing but mere sand

All my dreams slipped in between my tightly grasped hand

Looking in the mirror I became strangely unrecognizable

My plans and reality became stubbornly incompatible

I became imprisoned and locked inside by the flesh on my bones

I was seeking freedom from hearing my soul’s deafening groans

Lingering unanswered questions began to silently kill

Only to be lectured that this was ultimately God’s will

Father how could you take pleasure in seeing me so bankrupt?

I offered my promised Isaac hoping you’d suddenly interrupt

Instead, You allowed me to fiercely slay him without hesitation

You replied, “This had to take place for your long awaited edification

This was your rushed Ishmael not the blessed Isaac I promised

Fear not, I’ll use your weakness to restore you as I did with the Psalmist

My beloved, I know I refused to move your massively rooted mountains

For it was through the climb that you’d truly find Me, as the deer reach the overflowing fountains

I know climbing the mountain has been a journey full of temptation and strife

However, had you stayed on flat land you’d never see the breathtaking view I’ve planned for your life

Rejoice My beloved, I know your precious tears were far from few

Through this journey they’ve only been watering the prosperous plans I have for you.”

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