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The Joy of the Lord

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The Joy of the Lord

Do not leave me. Do not leave me!

O how could I let you leave me?

Run back to it

Attach to it

It brings light to darkness

Sin separates me from it

It fills my cup ’til it runs over

In its absence I am barren

It fills my heart

It spreads like fire

How could you leave it?

Oh what peace!

It comes from within

It is shaken not by circumstance

It is granted by grace

It brings light to my face

It is the shadow of your wings, it is the never-ending spring, it is life, it is love

“Draw near to me, and I will draw near to you”. I will O Lord, I will! Because:

I have tasted it

I will chase it

I will not stop

Until I obtain it!

What is it?

The Joy of the Lord

By: DN

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