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Permit us to receive the Spirit

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Permit us to receive the Spirit

I pray to experience the Holy Spirit in me.

As I wait patiently over and over again.

Help me to get back that fire.

To delve into my faith.

A change is what I desire.

Where You go, I’ll follow,

I will never be the same.

As Peter broke away from his denial by inner fears.

I will trust You, in my misery and tears.

You’ve never let me go or left me to drown.

So I will not despair, even when I’m underground.

Envy from people and stubborn natures too.

Will not hinder me from preaching and loving You.

You are my everlasting source of Joy and peace.

Keep me in Your blessed hands at all times,

From the time I wake up , to the day I pass to Heaven on High.

We hope you enjoyed this short poem. You can find many more poems on Pentecost and various other topics and occasions under the poetry tab. These poems have been made by our great Orthodox youth that we are indebted to. Asaph Tunes aims to encourage young singers and writers and we hope you can help us do this by encouraging them and keeping up with all our posts.

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