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Pentecost Poem- Pour Your Spirit

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Pentecostal Poem 1:

Pour Your Spirit inside all of us.

Nothing could ever move or touch.

As much as You could do.

You carry all of us with great care.

So we’ll stand brave, for in every season, You are there.

One can fear nothing or anyone.

When You are present in our hearts.

You give us fiery zeal, dreams and wisdom to

Preach the grace and Truth- that is You.

The world may not always perceive.

How You made the Earth, the skies and seas.

Many still deny this impeccable truth.

So we’ll continue to be strong and persevere,

Living as lights in the dark, with no ounce of fear.

We’ll reaffirm confidently on Your Divine grace.

Imitating the Apostles, and preach in every place.

If we don’t start now.

Then when will we?

How long is too long,

And how late is too late to start believing,

That this world is ever quickly changing.

For worse, for we are doing nothing.

We must step out of our comfort zones.

Adhere to praising and boasting on God alone.

No more of us, serving ourselves.

Let’s bring Heaven on Earth, instead of Hell.

Everyone in this world are deserving.

To be with God, so let’s start distributing,

All the sowed fruits made from labours in love.

That can bring all to dwell and be one, with God.

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