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The Paralytic Man

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The man by the pool

Fifth Sunday of Lent

I am the old man that’s paralysed and ill

By the pool of Bethsaida I lay there still

Eager to be healed, live, and be set free

But no one is willing to help me

Beside the pool lay a multitude of sick, lame and blind, waiting for sometime

Hoping an angel would appear and stir the pool one more time

Whoever got to the water first

Was healed and all his ailments were reversed

I, the crippled and hopeless man lay there for 38 years

Silently suffering year after year with many tears

But one special day turned my life around

Compassion, love, happiness and faith I truly found

Jesus saw me lying there, in my crippled condition

He saw the agony and pain in my eyes from my lame position

Jesus said to me, “Do you wish to be well” and then I replied,

“Yes, but when the water is stirred I cannot go inside”

Jesus was very patient with me and allowed me to talk

Then He commanded me saying, “Rise up, take your bed and walk”

Immediately I felt renewed, and felt strength throughout

Without thinking I jumped and gave a joyful shout

I reached down, bent my knees and picked up my bed

For the first time in my life I was able to walk ahead

I then departed to the temple on the mount

Christ saw me and told me to make these days count

Christ is like our water of healing

So we must ask him for forgiveness while kneeling

When we ask for healing, pray and plead

Our Lord runs to provide us with comfort when we are in need

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