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The Samaritan Woman

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Fourth Sunday of Lent
The Samaritan Woman

I am the woman Christ met at the well

My life was a mess, it was like living in hell

Until I came across a man like no other

I was a Samaritan and He was a Jew but I felt like his brother

He asked me for a drink from the well so I filled my cup

He spoke of me and my life and I listened up

He knew all about me and my life full of sin

He knew the shambles that my relationships have been

He said “Drink of my living water and you will never thirst”

You can turn your life around even at your worst

My heavenly and living water will set you free

Your bonds will break just believe in Me

He spoke to me with compassion saying “I am the One.

I am the Messiah, Christ, God’s only Son”

His Father is sitting on heaven’s throne above

Looked down on his people and the world with a heart full of love

I immediately left my water pot and went away

Realising how far I have gone astray

I was struggling with sin, unworthy and weak

But His gentleness changed me and now heaven I seek

I journeyed along and rushed into town

To tell the people about my smile and joy that once was a frown

People gathered around, I said, “The Messiah has come!

He came down to earth to save all people, not just some”

I went to the well as reject and as a woman full of sin

I returned with a full cup, and I had Jesus within

I have turned to Christ and His will; He is worthy of all praise

Therefore I will never thirst again for the rest of my days

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